Name of the Representative Anita Dudele
DesignationSales Manager
Brief Company Profile We Are Travel Agency AR-TUR from Latvia. There Will be Already 20 years when we are working in Tourism field in Latvia. During this period between our clients and partners we have managed to obtain a stable and reliable company's repution. We specializes in exotic countries such as India, Sri Lanka, China, Mexico, Thailand and others. AR-TUR sells India at least for last 12 years and offers programs to india all year long to our costumers. from september till April Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka: Clasical India tours & Golden Triangle-For groups and FIT, from April- October Himalayas tours- Kashmir, Ladah, Kullu Valley. We offer Ayurveda package and goa beach stay. piligrim tours and special india festival tours.

Main ServicesTravel Service Outgoing in Latvia

Annual Turnover(US $)1315247 USD
Business Interests/ Purpose of the VisitExplore more Rajasthan (tours, hotels) and after this continue promote to choose india and especially rajasthan as next travel destination to our clients in latvia.